The name ADILISHA origin is Swahili meaning ELEVATE, MORALIZE, TEACH the correct manner.

Elevate- typically means to raise something to a higher position or status, both literally and metaphorically. It can refer to improving someone's position, status, or condition, or uplifting their spirits or morale.

Moralize- refers to the act of imparting moral principles or lessons, often in a didactic or preachy manner. It involves making judgments about what is right or wrong and attempting to teach or enforce moral values.

Adilisha, affectionately known as "Adi ," has revolutionized the approach and transformed the landscape of women's hair extension needs. As the visionary behind Galaxy 5000, a prestigious brand renowned for its exceptional product quality, this charismatic entrepreneur has embarked on a global journey of research and education in the intricacies of natural hair + hair extensions. While in college, Adi studied design honing her creativity + strategic problem-solving
 skills, which she later seamlessly applied to the art of designing hair extensions.


From meticulously sourcing hair to expertly applying extensions, Adi imparts invaluable knowledge every step of the way. Her commitment extends beyond mere production and application; she is dedicated to empowering, educating, and nurturing women worldwide in the proper care and maintenance of both their natural hair and extensions. Through hands-on research and personal experimentation, this Howard University alumna has not only elevated the standards for quality hair extensions but has also unlocked the secret to achieving beautiful, healthy hair while wearing extensions.


Adilisha's goal is to serve women and empower stylists, fostering transformation and growth as we navigate our individual hair journeys.