Adilisha Patrom



Adilisha Patrom, affectionately known as “Addie” has transformed the way women approach their hair extension needs.
Since founding Galaxy 5000, a luxury hair extension brand with a full range of amazing products, the charismatic entrepreneur has continued to travel the world researching and educating on the hair extension process. From sourcing hair to proper application of extensions, Addie delivers knowledgeable information along the way. Her pursuit of helping women across the world with their hair needs goes above and beyond production and application. Addie’s passion is to help, educate, restore and teach women about proper care maintenance for their natural hair and hair extensions alike.
Through up close and personal research and hands-on experimentation, the Howard University alum has not only revolutionized the production quality of hair extensions but unleashed the secret to having beautiful healthy hair. Addie is empowering stylist and women across the world reminding and reassuring them that they are strong, transformers and overcomers as they successfully navigate their way through the world of hair extensions. 




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