Women of Excellence: Denise Shelton & Shawn Nance

Adilisha Patrom

Posted on May 14 2019

A  letter from Adilisha , Founder of Galaxy 5000


Denise Shelton and Daughter Shawn Nance
Celebrating empowered women has always been my goal. As a young entrepreneur I am inspired by strong female leaders who are as generous as they are confident and impactful. I recently had the pleasure of being the key hair stylist for a Bank of America production featuring Community Bridge, Inc CEO and President,  Denise Shelton and her daughter Shawn Nance.
                                                                                          BOA Client Spotlight ft. Community Bridge 
Each year we highlight #Galaxy5000WomenofExcellence , These women are thought leaders making an impact in their communities while leaving a Legacy for their families. Mrs. Shelton’s transition from Department of Corrections warden to CEO is an example of dedication and commitment. Her passion to change lives and make an impact on at-risk communities inspires the team at Galaxy 5000. 
       Denise Shelton        Calinga Ultra Coarse 20"/Rare Collection Frontal
Shawn Nance         Macati Wavy 24" /Luxury Clip in Stacks


Starting a business that will serve as a legacy was critical to Mrs. Shelton. Not only as something she could pass down to her daughter and grandchildren, but to have a lasting effect by empowering, teaching and supporting others.
Shawn now continues the legacy serving as President of Community Bridge, INC 
                                                                            Denise Shelton and Daughter Shawn Nance


 Ms. Shelton has been a loyal  customer at  Galaxy 5000 extensions for over 3 years. She is a reflection of our mission of empowering and supporting women.
There are so many women like Ms. Shelton who deserve recognition and support. It is our hope that this inspires you to think of your own legacy and how you will make an impact in your community. 

Are you a Galaxy 5000 woman making an impact in your community? Send us an email to Subject: Women of Excellence

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