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Celebrity Spotlight: Michelle Obama Wears a Closure!

Adilisha Patrom

Posted on September 13 2018


Long gone are the days wear closures are only worn by extreme weave enthusiast. Closures are being worn by all types of women, even Michelle Obama. FLOTUS was seen at the BET Honors Awards with an amazing looking closure. To an untrained eye it looks seamless and natural and the average person wouldn’t even be able to tell. But our experts here at Galaxy 5000 are no joke.

 Washington, D.C. and Chicago based hair stylist Johnny Wright is responsible for making the First Lady always look amazing. Fashion conscious and always ahead of the trend, it really doesn’t surprise us that she’s a closure wearer.

Now if the FLOTUS is wearing a closure then you have no excuse. There are so many advantages of rocking a closure. Here are a few FAQs and helpful tips about finding the perfect closure.


 A closure is a hair piece, a few inches long and wide that is designed to give you the appearance of a natural scalp without having to let your natural hair be shown.


The number one advantage to wearing a closure is to achieve healthy hair. With partial installs you risk the chances of damaging your natural hair through heat and styling. Wearing a closure allows you to have a full install. Wearing a full install will allow you to experiment with styles and colors without sacrificing the health of your natural hair.


  • Breathable: Be sure that your closure is designed to allow your natural scalp to breath. Lace closures are best for this.

  • Lays Flats: The flatter the closure the more natural it looks.

  • Quality of the Hair: Be sure to select a closure that has a good quality of hair. You never want to experience a blading closure.

  • Silk or Lace:  Swiss lace is a good alternative to silk base as it allows the scalp to breathe while allowing you to protect your hair. Silk base closures may sometimes give an unnatural “line of demarcation” (that area where it is obvious where your real scalp ends and the closure begins). Lace closures tend to be more natural looking because they lay flatter against the scalp.

  • Authentic Lace: When selecting a lace closure be sure that it is true lace.

  • Grids: The grid of the closure should be as tiny and undetectable as possible. The smaller the better.



 Several women find closures to be intimidating. The fear of a “wiggy” look is common. To be honest majority of closures on the market are low quality and are constructed to be a one size fits all which results in an unnatural look. Galaxy 5000 closures are one of a kind. There are several characteristics that make our closures the best on the market.

 Our one of a kind hand-made Swiss Lace Closures are the most natural lace closures on the market. While lying flat on the skin the grid is nearly undetectable.  One of the key differences is that we provide different color laces in light, medium, and dark to compliment your skin tone.

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