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My Success Secret to Great Hair

Adilisha Patrom

Posted on May 22 2017

My Success Secret to Great Hair


Normally I don’t do posts about my hair, but you asked, so here it is. Lately I’ve received flood of inquiries, and I decided to answer your biggest question…Where does my hair come from and why does it hold up so well? As an entrepreneur, mom and wife who is constantly on the move, my hair goes through a lot! I mean a lot! These tresses must tolerate constant styling for video and photo shoots– Endure different styling tools for live events and television appearances, and weather the different climates as I travel. Somehow it always bounces back and maintains it’s shine without shedding. That why I love my Galaxy 5000 Extensions they have the highest quality Virgin Hair Extensions and they never disappoint! 

Whether I’m preparing to speak to hundreds of entrepreneurs while on tour, or entertaining guests, I never have to worry about my hair. Galaxy 5000 Extensions always stay pretty under all types of pressure. My favorite is the Macati Wavy, but their website is full of options and info.

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