Celebrity Real Hair vs. Extensions: How to Wear Extensions Responsibly

Adilisha Patrom

Posted on May 22 2017



Let’s be honest, the majority of women wear extensions. Whether it’s a sew-in, clip-ins, or a wig, we all enjoy a little extra length and volume. Wearing extensions is a very convenient way to grow healthy natural hair. This process is known as a protective style. Protective styles are any style that requires minimal daily manipulation to your natural hair, particularly protecting the ends.  

Keep in mind that when you see your favorite celebrity on the red carpet that majority of the time they’re wearing extensions. As entertainers they are constantly frying and dying their hair but the exception is that’s it’s not their natural hair.  

Wearing extensions can be a great experience but it can only be achieved when they are worn correctly. Here are a few tips to make sure you're wearing your extensions responsibly.  

  • Extension Maintenances- Always wash and condition your natural hair regularly when you have extensions installed.

  • Treatment after Your Install- Do a deep conditioning treatment to your natural hair in between reinstalling extensions.

  • Never Leave Your Extensions in Too Long- When you leave  your extensions in too long this can cause matting and breakage to your natural hair.

  • Trim Your Ends- Always trim your ends of your natural hair to prevent split ends and breakage.

  • Prevent Damage to Your Leave Out- When having a partial sew-in people have a tendency to experience breakage on their leave out. Consider wearing a Galaxy 5000 closure which will allow you to have a complete protective style. 

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